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Senate Dems Announce Committee and Leadership Roles, Outline Goals for Session, and Debut Website

Senate Dems Announce Committee and Leadership Roles, Outline Goals for Session, and Debut Website

JUNEAU – The Senate Democratic Caucus announced the following committee assignments for the 28th Alaska State Legislature, which convened on Tuesday, January 15th, 2013. Senator Johnny Ellis (D- Anchorage) will serve as Minority Leader for the first session of the 28th Alaska Legislature. Senator Hollis French (D-Anchorage) will serve as Minority Leader for the second session.

“The Senate Democrats believe that education and energy are the keys to Alaska’s future. In the oil tax debate there is 20 billion dollars of oil revenue on the table, which is money we need to pay for quality public education, affordable energy and to maintain our savings. In that debate we plan to defend the state constitution and the best interests of Alaskans,” said Senate Minority Leader Johnny Ellis.

Committee assignments are as follows:

Finance: Senator Lyman Hoffman

Resources: Senator Hollis French

Judiciary: Senator Bill Wielechowski

Rules: Senator Johnny Ellis

Education: Senator Berta Gardner

Labor and Commerce: Senator Johnny Ellis

Community and Regional Affairs: Senator Lyman Hoffman

Transportation: Senator Hollis French

State Affairs: Senator Bill Wielechowski

Health and Social Services: Senator Johnny Ellis

World Trade: Senator Berta Gardner and Senator Lyman Hoffman

Administrative Regulations Review: Senator Hollis French

Joint Armed Services: Senator Bill Wielechowski

Legislative Council: Senator Lyman Hoffman, Alternate

In-State Energy: Senator Bill Wielechowski

Select Committee on Legislative Ethics: Senator Berta Gardner, Senator Hollis French,


TAPS Throughput Decline: Senator Berta Gardner

The caucus met prior to session and outlined their legislative goals and priorities.

Energy: Revision of the current tax structure should increase flow in the Trans-Alaska pipeline, create jobs and opportunities for Alaskans and Alaskan businesses and provide Alaska with the resources to deliver affordable energy solutions to all Alaskans.

Education: The Senate Democrats believe our greatest resource to be Alaska’s youth. Senate Democrats will work to strengthen our schools and University system, as well as provide access to voluntary pre-K opportunities for Alaskan families.

Savings: Members of the Senate Democrats worked hard over the past 6 years to save over $17 billion dollars for the future and will continue to advocate for setting aside revenue surpluses now for future generations.

“We will work diligently with our colleagues to promote a vibrant economy, a strong public school system, affordable energy for Alaskans, and save for future generations,” stated Senator Hollis French.

In addition, Senate Democrats are pleased to announce the launch of a new website dedicated to providing comprehensive coverage of the Senate Democrat Caucus in the 28th Alaska Legislature. The public and media will find legislative updates, member committee assignments and contact information, video and photographic content, links to various social media platforms, as well as other timely news and information concerning the Senate Democrats at

For more information, please call Myer Hutchinson at (907) 465-5319 or email at



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