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NEWS: Committee Approves Senator French’s Audit Request

For Immediate Release: April 8th, 2013

Committee Approves Senator French’s Audit Request

JUNEAU – On Saturday, April 6th, the bi-partisan Legislative Budget and Audit (LB&A) committee authorized a legislative audit to be completed on the Department of Revenue Tax Division.

Senator Hollis French (D-Anchorage) formally requested the audit in a letter to the LB&A committee dated February 13th, in which he detailed the necessity for such action:

“It is my understanding that the Division is just now completing the audits for the 2007 tax year. Given the importance of oil revenue to the State’s finances and the apparent delay in completing the audits, it seems prudent to be highly vigilant in our oversight of this area.”

French’s request was supported by LB&A committee members, who raised concerns regarding significant past deficiencies in audit practices in the Division. Problems with the Division’s practices have been pointed out for a number of years by the legislative auditor as part of the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report. Given the past deficiencies and the essential functions the 19 employees in that department provide to the state of Alaska, the committee approved Senator French’s request.

“I commend the members of the LB&A committee for approving this much needed audit. The task of auditing billions of dollars in tax returns is not easy and this audit will provide us with helpful feedback to ensure we protect the interests of Alaskans in this absolutely critical function of government,” stated Senator French.

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