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Home » Press » NEWS: Sen. Wielechowski Requests AG Inquiry into Surveillance Program

NEWS: Sen. Wielechowski Requests AG Inquiry into Surveillance Program

For Immediate Release: July 1st, 2013

Sen. Wielechowski Requests AG Inquiry into Surveillance Program

Law abiding Alaskans deserve privacy assurances from Feds 


ANCHORAGE – Today Senator Bill Wielechowski (D-Anchorage) sent a letter to Attorney General Michael Geraghty asking the Department of Law to seek information on the National Security Agency’s clandestine surveillance program, known as PRISM. 


This program, disclosed by former NSA contractor and now fugitive Edward Snowden, secretly tracks private emails, Facebook posts, internet searches, and telephone logs in search of information on illegal activities. 


It has raised concerns about the privacy of communications by law-abiding citizens.


“While I support federal efforts to ensure the safety of all Americans, I am deeply concerned about any program that indiscriminately peers into the private communications of Alaskans without their knowledge and without a specific search warrant,” said Senator Wielechowski. 


Wielechowski asked the Attorney General to review whether the state has any legal recourse to limit this type of indiscriminate surveillance in Alaska.  Alaska’s Constitution provides strong protections for privacy, stronger than those contained in the U.S. Constitution.


He also urged Attorney General Geraghty to seek more information on the impacts of the PRISM program in Alaska and the broad rulings of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court. 


“To what extent are emails, internet searches, and telephone records of innocent Alaskans being reviewed?” Wielechowski asked.  “Can the program be narrowed to better target those suspected of criminal activity?  Are there ways to ensure that the privacy rights of honest and upstanding Alaskans are not trampled, while protecting public safety?”


For a link to the letter to Attorney General Geraghty, click here:


                For more information, contact Senator Wielechowski at (907) 242-1558.



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