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NEWS: Senator Wielechowski to Offer a Reason a Week to Repeal SB 21

For Immediate Release: August 19th, 2013

Senator Wielechowski to Offer a Reason a Week to Repeal SB 21

Challenges Other Alaskans to Join Him and Come Up with 365 Reasons to Repeal 

ALASKA – Senator Bill Wielechowski (D-Anchorage) announced today that he will publish a reason a week to repeal Governor Parnell’s oil tax giveaway legislation, starting today, a year before the question will likely appear on the ballot.  Today is also the day the legislation, Senate Bill 21, becomes law.

“The reasons to repeal this ill-conceived, misguided bill are so numerous that I’m inviting all Alaskans to chime in and compile a complete list,” Wielechowski said today. “I’ll offer one reason each week and I’m hoping Alaskans from across the state will contribute enough to publish at least one every day.”  (See the next page for Reason #1.)

Reasons should be sent to The reasons will be published on a new website ( They will also be tweeted from @Wielechowski and posted on Senator Wielechowski’s Facebook page and on

“I invite teachers who know schools will suffer, police officers who know Alaskans will be less safe, and construction workers who know there will be fewer jobs to all contribute their reasons,” Wielechowski said.

“I also invite my colleagues in the legislature who heard the oil companies say this massive tax cut will not result in more oil in the pipeline, and local government officials who will have to raise local property taxes or curtail essential services to offer their reasons,” he added.

“Alaskans are looking for facts in this debate. This will be an opportunity to inform the public of the many reasons Parnell’s oil wealth giveaway needs to be repealed,” Wielechowski said. “I view it as a chance to get the facts out about one of the worst bills ever passed by the Alaska Legislature.”

Link to REASON NUMBER 1 to Repeal SB 21, the Oil Giveaway, here:

For more information, call Senator Bill Wielechowski 242-1558.



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