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NEWS: Senate Democrats Announce Minority Organization

For Immediate Release: November 7th, 2014

Senate Democrats Announce Minority Organization

                ANCHORAGE – Senate Democrats announced a new organization today for the upcoming 29th Alaska State Legislature.  The caucus will include Senator Berta Gardner (D-Anchorage), Senator Dennis Egan (D-Juneau), Senator Johnny Ellis (D-Anchorage), Senator Donny Olson (D-Golovin), and Senator Bill Wielechowski (D-Anchorage).  Senator Gardner will serve as the Minority Leader. 

                Committee assignments for the caucus are as follows:

                Senator Berta Gardner: Education, Rules

                Senator Dennis Egan: Transportation, Legislative Council

                Senator Johnny Ellis: Health and Social Services, Labor and Commerce

                Senator Donny Olson: Finance, Community and Regional Affairs

                Senator Bill Wielechowski: Judiciary, Resources, State Affairs            

                “We look forward to working together with all the members of the 29th Alaska Legislature.  Addressing the urgent fiscal crisis while maintaining state infrastructure and continuing to provide essential state services such as public education and public safety will be our top priority,” said Senator Gardner.

                For more information, contact Myer Hutchinson at (907) 957-8384.



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