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NEWS: Senate Democrats – Finish the Job


Senate Democrats: Finish the Job

Fund the budget, Pass Erin’s Law, Expand Medicaid – Meet our obligations 

JUNEAU – The Senate Democrats call on the House and Senate Majorities to stop stalling and pass a funded budget that prioritizes education, to acknowledge and address Alaska’s child sexual abuse epidemic by passing Erin’s Law, and to expand Medicaid which would create 4,000 jobs and realize an immediate $6.6 million in budgetary savings while promoting a healthier Alaska. 

“They passed an empty budget that drains education, threatens the gasline, and fails to acknowledge the common sense benefits of Medicaid expansion.  That’s not reason for a vacation, that’s a reason for detention.  Let’s get our work done,” said Senator Berta Gardner (D-Anchorage).

Republican led majorities ignored the voter mandated 90 day session limit by nine days to pass a budget that drained $1.3 billion from the Public Education Fund, raided funds for the Alaska Gasline Project, and turned down $750 million of cost savings proposed by the Senate Democrats.

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