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NEWS: Senate and House Majorities Duck Responsibilities with “Vacation Resolution”


Senate and House Majorities Duck Responsibilities with “Vacation Resolution” 

JUNEAU – Senate Democrats expressed disappointment in the introduction and passage of a concurrent resolution by the House and Senate Majorities self-authorizing a two week vacation.

The “vacation resolution” was passed after the House and Senate Majorities blew past the voter mandated 90 day session by 8 days only to pass a partially funded budget that relied on a draining $1.3 billion from the Public Education Fund and starving the Alaska Gasline Development Corporation of needed funds to advance an Alaska Gasline.  Governor Walker issued an immediate proclamation calling for a special session to pass a fully funded budget, Erin’s Law, and the expansion of Medicaid.

“Alaskans understand you don’t get to go to recess unless you complete your work.  We do not support this action today.  We want to work and fulfill both our constitutional obligations and the commitments we made to our constituents,” stated Senator Berta Gardner (D-Anchorage).

During this year’s session, Senate Democrats offered opportunities for an additional $750 million of budgetary savings in the operating and capital budgets.  They also offered bills and amendments supporting the expansion of Medicaid and keeping our promises to Alaska’s children by fully funding K-12 public education.  Democrats have also advocated for passage of Erin’s Law and honoring our contractual obligations to Alaska’s public employees.

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