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NEWS: No Movement on Erin’s Law


No Movement on Erin’s Law

After 132 days of opportunity, bill to reduce Child Sexual Abuse still ignored by Senate Majority 

ANCHORAGE – Members of the Senate Democratic Caucus once again lament the lack of action on Erin’s Law by the Senate Majority. 

“Every day this legislation fails to pass, a few members of the Republican Majority deny Alaskan children opportunities to protect themselves from sexual predators.  It defies common sense to wait one more moment to pass legislation protecting our children,” stated Senator Bill Wielechowski (D-Anchorage). 

Erin’s Law requires school districts to teach youth about personal body providing them with important information to help keep them safe from child sex abusers.  The latest versions of Erin’s Law have also included language requiring school districts to teach students about dating violence. 

Erin’s Law is named for child sex abuse survivor Erin Merryn who is working to get the law passed in all 50 states.  Merryn visited Alaska last year to testify before the Alaska Legislature and she has been following the developments with the bill this session.  Twenty-two other states have passed versions of Erin’s Law.  Last year Erin’s Law passed the Senate by a unanimous vote of 20-0. 

“Alaska’s children cannot wait any longer.  Let’s do something productive today and pass Erin’s Law.  We need the public to speak out and contact their legislators, as it appears the Majority Caucus may allow this vital piece of legislation to perish. Supporters can also sign an online petition at,” said Senator Johnny Ellis (D-Anchorage).

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