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NEWS: Sen. Gardner statement on Medicaid expansion lawsuit


Sen. Gardner statement on Medicaid expansion lawsuit

The following is a statement from Senate Minority Leader Berta Gardner (D-Anchorage) regarding the announcement by Republican legislative leadership that it intends to use the courts in its continued attempts to block Medicaid expansion in Alaska.

“I am disappointed that one group of legislators will apparently spare no expense or effort to deny health care to so many Alaskan families.

“The more-than-ample Medicaid hearings and two independent studies have confirmed that Medicaid expansion will bring new money and jobs into our state at a crucial time, and at the same time will provide thousands of Alaskans with access to healthcare. This tells me the opposition is political and ideological, and that’s no way to make good policy for our state.

“Politics is for campaign seasons, but once that dust is settled it’s time to act like leaders and policy makers – it’s time to put good ideas ahead of ideology and act on behalf of every Alaskan. Alaskans want Medicaid expansion, and we know it’s the right thing, and the smart thing, to do. Elected officials wasting time and money on lawsuits to fight against the wishes and needs of Alaskans makes no sense to me, and I’m confident Alaskans will see it for the political grandstanding it is.”

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