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NEWS: Sen. Berta Gardner Statement Regarding Medicaid Suit Developments


Sen. Berta Gardner Statement Regarding Medicaid Suit Developments

Wednesday Governor Bill Walker announced he will accept an offer for pro-bono legal representation in a suit to challenge his expansion of Medicaid in Alaska. Last week Republican legislative leadership authorized the spending of up to $450 thousand to sue the Walker administration in the latest attempt to prevent thousands of Alaskans from receiving access to health care coverage. Local firm Dillon & Findley has offered its legal services to the administration, free of charge, to help the governor battle for Medicaid expansion, and to save the state money. The following is a statement from Senate Minority Leader Berta Gardner (D-Anchorage).

“Once again Governor Walker has found a way to take the high ground in the continuing battle over Medicaid expansion. Republican leadership in the House and Senate have continued to delay and block Medicaid expansion in Alaska, not for practical or economic reasons, but for what are clearly partisan and personal differences. The governor gave the legislature every opportunity to do the right thing, and his administration has provided us with all the information we need. We should all be grateful to Dillon & Findley for this generous offer, and I congratulate the governor for accepting it and saving the state a significant amount of money in these challenging economic times. I urge Republican leaders to rethink their decision, drop the suit and join us in doing the right thing for Alaska and Alaskans.”

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