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NEWS: Sen. Wielechowski Applauds AG’s Decision to Oppose Monopoly in Fuel Market

June 21, 2016

Senator Wielechowski Applauds Attorney General’s Decision to Oppose Monopoly in Fuel Market

ANCHORAGE – In January of this year, Senator Bill Wielechowski (D-Anchorage) formally requested that Attorney General Craig Richards fully investigate the sale of the Flint Hills gas storage facilities in Anchorage to Tesoro Alaska for any anti-trust implications, and to prevent Alaska’s gas market from being dominated by one company.

Today, after a six month investigation by the Department of Law, Attorney General Craig Richards announced that the State of Alaska has reached an agreement with Tesoro Alaska mandating that they sell a fuel terminal at the Port of Alaska in order to preserve competition in Alaska fuel markets.

Sen. Wielechowski has been a strong and consistent voice in the legislature seeking to have strong anti-price gouging language placed in statute to help shield Alaskans from the near monopolistic gas market in the state. Alaskans often pay the highest gas prices in the nation, despite low taxes and the presence of local refineries. Previous requests to the governor had been denied, but the Senator welcomes this news, and is hopeful that competition in the market place, and an end to the monopoly in the gas market will result in a decrease in the price of gas for Alaskans.

“I’m pleased by the diligent work of the Department of Law in coming to this decision. Gas price gouging has been an issue that Alaskans have been concerned with for many years now. Alaskans need to feel confident that the system isn’t rigged against them. While not a perfect solution, I’ll be watching in the next few months, with cautious optimism, as Tesoro initiates the sale. I look forward to welcoming new competition into the Alaska fuel market.”

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