My Vote on Income Tax
May 13, 2017
Dear Neighbor, 

I support an income tax and today I voted in favor of HB-115.  I also support the breadth and depth of the House's real fiscal plan which includes real changes to the oil and gas tax and subsidy scheme, an end to boondoggle projects and appropriate use of the earnings - all while supporting a meaningful PFD. Unfortunately my Senate Majority colleagues do not share this vision.  
An income tax is an essential part of a comprehensive fiscal plan.  The video of my comments on the floor yesterday are below.   
To remove economic uncertainty and propel Alaska out of our current recession, we must have new revenue.  Experts agree that cuts to the PFD will hurt low income Alaskans far more than a progressive income tax, like that offered in HB-115.

Without a comprehensive fiscal plan we are left with only one future - and it is a dim one.  It is a future with a diminished education system, a torn public safety net, a fractured transportation system, and a place where opportunities are limited.  In the end the Senate Majority's vision is to spend all of our various savings accounts and leave the rest of the state holding the empty bags that once held our future.    

But I haven't given up and you shouldn't either.  I encourage you to keep writing, keep talking to your neighbors about a fiscal plan, keep up the fight!

Let the Senate know that we must have a fiscal plan that works for all, we must have a fiscal plan, and that anything less is unacceptable.   Keep faith in the process and let’s keep the pressure on.   

All my best,

Senator Tom Begich 
Senate District J

(907) 465-3704 Juneau 
(907) 269-0169 Anchorage