Volume 9: Issue 5                                               March 3, 2017 

Dear Friends and Neighbors, the operating budget is in House Finance, so their work on the big fiscal plan pieces is behind the scenes for a bit.  Senate Finance has the main bills for its version of a fiscal plan, and they'll spend most of next week on them.
We're past the halfway point of the 90-day session!  (Think we can do it in 90?)
Skagway Sends Top Leaders   
My northernmost constituents swung by after the newsletter deadline last week.  The Municipality of Skagway sent Mayor Mark Schaefer and Manager Scott Hahn to talk about the mid- and long-term issues facing the Gateway to the Klondike.  Stop by any time, Mr. Mayor!
Association of Alaska Housing Authorities

Brenda Alelkok, Joyce Niven, and Dan Dewayne shared their thoughts on the benefits housing authorities bring to Alaska families and the economy.  I appreciate the work they do. 
Air Safety   
Mike Stedman, Jerry Rock, and Wilfred "Boyuck" Ryan of The Medallion Foundation stopped by this week, too.  The Medallion Foundation exists to promote air safety.  They've done a lot to reduce small plane accidents - promoting safer technology and training pilots.  Their Alaska flight simulators are second to none!
AARP Filled the Capitol With Red Vests 
My friends from AARP are a great source of information and help as the legislature does its work.  One new issue they brought up this year is "Digital Assets."  They're working on a bill that makes it clear: you get to decide what should happen to all your electronic stuff when you pass on.  Of course, they had a list of other issues as long as my leg.  Suffice it to say, they really did their homework before storming the Capitol, and we had a great meeting.

I'm Not THAT Old!

My staff won't let me leave this part out of the newsletter.  They made a big deal out of my birthday today.  People sang.  Then we got back to work!  (Thanks to Linda for the balloons, Ken Alper for bringing his twins, Bill Corbus and Terry Harvey for coming to eat free cake, and my partner in March 3 birthdays, Andrea Watts.)

Thanks to these community members for
helping make Southeast a great place to live!
  • Distinguished - AWARE honors the 2017 Women of Distinction Saturday     night.  Andrea Cesar, Sioux Douglas, Kris Sell, and Rena Sims are just amazing.  They've done more to improve life in Southeast than anyone since... well, since last year's Women of Distinction.
  • Score! - J-D Alum Jackson Lehnhart got named to the NCAA D3 All-America Team.  The Amherst College Senior was named to the team from among more than 500 nominations.
  • A Foundation - Ken Leghorn didn't just help found Alaska Discovery Tours, he didn't just help found the Juneau Community Foundation, he didn't just help found Discovery Southeast, he also helped start a training program for tourism businesses to better serve people with disabilities. Oh, and played violin in the symphony for 35 years, and...  You know what, if anybody ever earned a recognition at the Governor's Mansion like Ken got this past Thursday, it was him!

Thanks for reading Legislative Corner. I hope you'll always feel welcome to contact my office. Just call, write, or use one of the links in this newsletter.

Dennis Egan
Alaska State Senator
District Q
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