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Volume 7: Issue 14 June 2nd, 2015

Dear Friends and Neighbors,

I’ve been stuck in special session for way too long now, and it’s been a while since I sent out a newsletter.

I’ve been doing what I can to keep us out of this ‘shutdown’ business, but obviously 10,000 layoff notices got mailed out yesterday.  A lot of us in the legislature are willing to compromise – some people think too willing – but a few just aren’t.  They want it their way or no way, and they’re willing to hurt Alaska’s economy, communities, and hardworking public employees to do it.

This is sad.  It’s a new low in Alaska politics.  And it ain’t over yet.  Our public servants are still on the legislature’s negotiating table.  So is our ferry service.  Schools and Pre-K, too.

I’ll keep working ‘till this thing is finished.  I’ll let you know more when we get somewhere.

[signed] Dennis Egan

Dennis Egan
Alaska State Senator
District Q

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