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Volume 7: Issue 16 September 18th, 2015

Dear Friends and Neighbors,

Where are we?

We’re still here.  Working the Interim – the Capitol is still a busy place.

Mark your Calendar- There’s a town hall meeting on September 30, 2015 at Centennial Hall from 6 to 9 pm to discuss the fiscal issues confronting Alaska.  It’s organized by a group of citizens, who’ve asked the Juneau delegation to be there along with a few experts from the Administration and the private sector. The organizers say they’ll have a wide variety of perspectives and lots of information sources, including economists Jim Calvin & Gregg Erickson; Oil and Gas attorney and consultant Brad Keithley; and Larry Persily, the recent federal gas line coordinator and current Kenai Peninsula Borough gas line guy.

There’s nothing much at stake but Alaska’s future.  We’ll all need to work together and share our views to assure a positive fiscal future and bridge the current crisis caused by a steep decline in oil revenues.

Capitol Renovations: Paying attention to details- Building renovations are moving forward fast.  The contractor has made tremendous progress, and the building will be more than ready to host a special session if the governor calls one this fall.  They’re getting to a lot of the detail work now, including new terra cotta and replacing the historic cornice around the top. 

The building continues to be a healthy, safe workplace.  Soon it will be more energy-efficient, comfortable, and stable in earthquakes.  Photos of some details follow.

Senator Egan with terra cotta detailphoto of original cornice design being reinstalled
Senator Egan with terra cotta detail and photo of original cornice design being reinstalled.

Medicaid Reform/Expansion- I support Governor Walker’s effort to reform Medicaid and expand services to more Alaskans. I definitely don’t support the lawsuit the Legislative Council filed to try & stop him, at a cost of almost half-a-million dollars.  I’m glad the state is starting to enroll more folks and save money on healthcare.

Out-of-State Visitors

llen and her family

We get a lot of out-of-state guests in the Interim.  This is Ellen and her family. They recently visited from the Midwest to complete a personal quest of visiting of all 50 State Capitols!  They combined their visit to Juneau with a cruise.  Thanks Ellen for stopping by, and come back soon!

Fond Farewell

Bonnie Gruening is leaving the Capitol after 40 years of exemplary service to Alaska

Bonnie Gruening is leaving the Capitol after 40 years of exemplary service to Alaska. She worked for Governors Tony Knowles and Jay Hammond, as well as legislators like Sean Parnell, Carl Gatto, and Cathy Muñoz. She’s been here since staff used lithographs to make copies, and somehow she’s still younger than me!  Thank you Bonnie for a job well done!  We will miss you at the Capitol.

Kudos from Juneau

Thanks to these community members for
helping make Southeast
a great place to live!

  • Mike Clasby- Big kudos to all those who welcomed the two football teams from British Columbia this summer.  Mike made a big effort to make them welcome. He made sure my staff knew in advance so we could open our office to meet with them.
  • John Pugh- The University of Alaska named the new freshman dorm after John Pugh yesterday.  It’s a well-deserved honor for a man who gave decades of his life to building a great university in our region.
  • Skagwegians- Last week’s Skagway News had the story of three fundraisers for Skagway locals with big medical needs.  An auction, dinner, and magic show at the Eagles, a drag show, and a booze cruise raised more than $25,000 as neighbors helped neighbors through tough times.


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[signed] Dennis Egan

Dennis Egan
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