Senator Berta Gardner

January 27, 2014

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Serving Midtown, Spenard, and UMed

State Capitol Bldg. Rm 417
Juneau, AK 99801
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Have You Met the Staff?

Dear Friends and Neighbors,

Noah Hanson, TJ Presley, Senator Gardner and Steve Handy visit Juneau’s beautiful bear statue.
Noah Hanson, TJ Presley, Senator Gardner and Steve Handy visit Juneau’s beautiful bear statue.
          Session has begun! I’m excited to be back in Juneau representing our district: Midtown, Spenard and the UMed. There are many great things on the horizon for our area of town as employment and population move into the district and I continue to feel honored to represent the Heart of Anchorage.

          I want to introduce my staff, each of whom brings something special to the task of serving our district:

•         In his seventh legislative session, Noah Hanson brings experience and institutional knowledge, as well as a wealth of organizational skills, keeping the rest of focused, supplied and where we need to be.  Additionally, Noah is a crackerjack researcher, and works on education issues as he staffs me on the Senate Education Committee.

•         Noah and I are joined by TJ Presley, for his third session, and second session with me.  TJ has energy, enthusiasm and is brimming with  ideas for our district and state.  He gets credit for most of our photos, videos and banners, and is responsible for following capital budget requests, and for helping me with three budget subcommittees.

•         The three of us welcome our intern, Steve Handy.  A long time Juneau resident, Steve plans to go to law school after this internship.  His particular interests are foreign relations (with which I cannot help him much except perhaps if we want to talk fish), and human rights.   We all want to ensure that Steve has a good experience and gets to try all the jobs of a legislative office. 

          If you call the office you will likely speak with one of these three.  I trust each one will listen carefully and bring your concerns to me with constructive suggestions about how we can help.  If you’d like to speak with me personally, please say so and I either will take the call or call you back.  I hope you’ll enjoy working with them as much as I do!

          I’m Berta and I’m still listening,

          If you have any questions, please feel free to contact my office.

signed: Berta

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