Sen. Johnny Ellis' Legacy Continues
April 12, 2017
Dear Friends and Neighbors,
Today, the Alaska State Senate unanimously passed SB 6, allowing cultivation and use of industrial hemp in Alaska.  This was an idea Senator Johnny Ellis championed for many years and we thank Senator Hughes for moving the project forward.  It still needs passage in the House, and the Governor’s signature.  
Use of hemp has a long and arguably illustrious history.  The ships of the great explorers had sails made of hemp.  The Declaration of Independence was written on hemp paper, and wagons used in the westward migration had covers of hemp.
The federal government has issued guidance for cultivation with which we must comply, but we hope to achieve this long-held dream and welcome a renewed industry with annual sales of $580 million to those who can meet the requirements by:  
  • Registering with the Department of Natural Resources Division of Agriculture pilot program. 
  • Demonstrating that their crops  have THC levels at or below 0.3%.
  • Keep buyer records of buyers for three years.
Industrial hemp used to be grown in much of the United States and was used in numerous industries because of the plants versatility. Some of the uses for industrial hemp include, but are not limited to: food, rope, clothing, paper, textiles, insulation, medicine, and biofuels. Virtually everything that can be made from petroleum can be made from hemp. During a time of economic strain introducing an effectively new industry to the state is good news for everyone, as it could lead to jobs and a new cheap and sustainable source of materials for a variety of industries.
I'm Berta and I'm Still Listening, 


Governor's Office