Senator Berta Gardner

September 18, 2015

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We’re Running out of Road

Dear Friends and Neighbors,

A view of the deck of the Alaska Explorer from the Bridge.

We have a most important job this upcoming session ensuring Alaska’s future.  It is critical that Alaskans and all legislators come together to put Alaska’s future first in this next session.

The unforeseen drop in oil prices and reduction in oil throughput place Alaska at the edge of a fiscal cliff.  Last session the Legislature cut around $800 million dollars out of the state budget.  I supported some of these cuts and didn’t support others.  Cuts only add Band-Aids to a wound that needs stitches.  You hear several people describing Alaska’s fiscal situation as a hemorrhaging wound.  Irresponsible cuts cannot solve this problem and risk throwing our communities into crisis also.  We need to invest in Alaskans if we want to ensure a promising future for other generations.  We’ve been fortunate for a long time to live off our oil wealth and I continue to support using our resources responsibly.  But we are hearing the wakeup call and know that we can’t rely on oil and gas alone any longer.

Be a part of the conversation!

There are numerous conversations and discussions occurring throughout the state and we want YOUR input!  Governor Walker has a Sustainable Future webpage with resources on Alaska’s budget and a link to an Excel spreadsheet allowing anybody to play with budget models to get Alaska back into the green. 

In addition, Alaska Common Ground will be holding a fiscal future presentation at the Wendy Williamson Auditorium at UAA from 9am-4pm on Saturday September 19.  This is a wonderful opportunity to become informed about the issues, the options and the opportunities. It is critical now more than ever that we hear from Alaskans about those things that matter most to you as we face difficult decisions in order to bring our state back on track.

I’m Berta and I’m still listening,

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact my office.

signed: Berta

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