Senator Berta Gardner

October 21, 2014

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Serving Midtown,
Spenard, and UMed

433 W. 4th Ave.
Anchorage, AK 99501
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Strengthening Neighborhoods

Dear Friends and Neighbors,

Senator Gardner touring the new UAA Sports Arena.
Senator Gardner touring the new UAA Sports Arena.

Identifying District Road Improvements Needs

         This Thursday, I will be driving through our district with Gary Jones, Coordinator for Municipal Capital Improvements Projects. We will be looking at district needs, especially for road work. If you are aware of a road in the Spenard, Midtown or UMed area needing resurfacing, pot hole repairs or has general problems please let my office know by Thursday so we make sure to check it out.

Neighborhood Crime Watch

         Some community councils report increased problems with petty crime, vandalism, etc. Is your neighborhood one with recent vandalism, break in or other criminal activity? A great way to reduce such acts is to establish a Neighborhood Watch. Run by the Anchorage Police Department, Neighborhood Watch is a highly effective means of improving neighborhood safety.  For more information check out this site:   

Reporting Criminal Activity to the Police

         Continuing on the theme of neighborhood safety, if you encounter criminal activity, the Anchorage Police Department is encouraging you to file a police report, even if you feel or know the police won’t be able to make it out. It provides data to the city and helps shape police response and planning for the future.

         You can do it by phone at 786-8900 and online at

         Public Inebriates camping in parks near you?   The Anchorage Police has a line specific for that: 343-4006

Friends of the Library Book Sale

         Saturday, November 1 from 9am to 4pm and Sunday November 2 from 12pm to 4pm at the Anchorage Loussac Library, Friends of the Library will be hosting their annual fall book sale. On Sunday, all books will be 50% off. For more information about this event, you can contact Friends of the Library at 343-2983.

         I’m Berta and I’m still listening,

         If you have any questions, please feel free to contact my office.

signed: Berta


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