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January 24, 2015
Senator Bill Wielechowski
Bill Wielechowski

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Dear Friends and Neighbors,

The 29th Legislative Session has officially begun in Juneau and we’re already discussing some of the challenges facing the State. Earlier this week, we heard Governor Walker address his priorities for Alaskans in the State of the State speech and the State’s current economic situation during the State of the Budget address.

This session, I am honored to serve on three committees in the State Senate: Resources, State Affairs and Judiciary. I will also join colleagues in the House on the Joint Armed Services Committee. Through these committees and with all of my colleagues in the Alaska State Senate, I look forward to addressing issues related to public safety, protecting working families, maintaining high quality education and ensuring Alaskans get our fair share of our State’s natural resources. Furthermore, I am committed to supporting the men and women of the National Guard and putting new safeguards in place to protect them.

 Corinne McVee was my first constituent visitor of the session. If you come to Juneau, please stop by for an appointment
Corinne McVee was my first constituent visitor of the session. If you come to Juneau, please stop by for an appointment

Legislation this Session

I have already introduced a handful of bills and am working on others to introduce. If you have any ideas or suggestions, please feel free to share. Here is what I have currently sponsored:

SB 2 – Allows private employers to give hiring preference to Veterans

SB 10 – Protects Alaskans from high gasoline prices by giving the Attorney General the tools to investigate why prices are so high and allows for a lawsuit to be filed if Alaskans are being over-charged

SB 11 – Exempts the State of Alaska from observing daylight saving time

SB 12 – Provides earned sick leave for Alaskans working in the private sector 

SB 13 – Prohibits local governments from providing data about Alaskans to federal agencies, like the NSA, without a warrant

SB 17 – Ensures transparency of public records

SB 25 – Provides protections for victims of sexual assault

SJR 1 – Enshrines the Permanent Fund Dividend in the Alaska Constitution via constitutional amendment 

SJR 6 – Urges Congress to amend campaign finance laws to prohibit unlimited independent expenditures by unions and corporations supporting or opposing candidates for elected office

SJR 7 – Supports the construction of an Alaska Native and American Indian Veterans’ memorial on the National Mall in Washington DC

SJR 8 – Urges Congress to remove sexual assault cases from the from the chain-of-command

Thanks to all who came to share their thoughts and concerns at my recent town hall meeting
Thanks to all who came to share their thoughts and concerns at my recent town hall meeting

Duben Avenue Open House 

With funding from the Legislature, the Municipality of Anchorage is currently working on designs to upgrade pedestrian and driver safety along Duben Avenue. These changes will include better street lighting, pedestrian and cyclist accommodations, improved drainage and increased sight lines and signaling.

An open house is scheduled for Wednesday, January 28th at 6pm-8pm at Muldoon Elementary School (525 Cherry Street). The 65% design will be available for review and public comment, ahead of the final design scheduled to be completed this fall. If you cannot attend or have further questions, the project overview and contact information is available on the project website.

As always, feel free to contact me with your ideas and suggestions. I am here for you!



Bill Wielechowski
Alaska State Senator
District H - Anchorage