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April 7, 2015
Senator Bill Wielechowski
Bill Wielechowski

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Dear Friends and Neighbors,

Remember to vote today!  With all that’s going on in our busy lives, it can be hard to make it to the polls.  However, democracy is not a spectator sport -- please be sure to exercise your right to vote!

•  WHEN:  TODAY!  Polls are open until 8pm
•  WHERE:  Look up your polling place HERE or use the Municipality’s APP
•  WHAT:  Voting for mayor, local school board candidates and on bond propositions 

To learn more about what to expect on your ballot, click here for some additional resources: sample ballots, a ballot review by the League of Women Voters and a ballot proposition fact sheet.

Have questions?  Don’t hesitate to call the Municipal Clerk’s Office at 907-243-VOTE (8683) or my office at 1-800-550-2435 for assistance. Happy voting!

I stood up for Alaskans’ values by voting NO on the operating budget
I stood up for Alaskans’ values by voting NO on the operating budget

Opposing the Operating Budget

Last Friday, the Senate debated the operating budget for nearly 7 hours, in the end passing it by a vote of 16-4. I voted against the budget because it fails to reflect our values as a State.  If you’d like to know more about why I voted this way, HERE is my speech on the Senate floor.

These are challenging fiscal times and there is no doubt we need to make difficult decisions and make big cuts. However, we need to be making smart decisions too.  Together with Senate Democrats, we offered $764 million in additional cuts to corporate subsidies, duplicative or ineffective services and unnecessary costs so that we could afford to restore a small portion of our essential services. 

For example, next year the State will pay the oil industry $400 million MORE in tax credits than we get in oil taxes. This is simply unsustainable. We are going to pay out $150 million in tax credits to refiners over the next five years – a big portion of that to a refiner who never even asked for those credits and doesn’t need it.  There are executives at the Alaska Housing Finance Corporation who make over $400,000 per year and executives in other departments making over $200,000 per year without justification. Our attempts to cut all these were rejected. Instead, this budget cuts kids, corrections officers, fire fighters, Troopers, working families and seniors.

Furthermore, the bulk of these cuts were made at the very last minute, denying the public any opportunity to weigh in. Since the vote, I have heard from hundreds of Alaskans across the state who are angry to have been omitted from the public process.

I believe the priorities of this budget are wrong for Alaska and I stood up for your interests by voting “no.”

You are also always welcome to contact me directly. I am here to represent you!



Bill Wielechowski
Alaska State Senator
District H - Anchorage